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Oliver, Lauren, 1982 - (Nombre personal)

Forma preferida: Oliver, Lauren, 1982 -
Usado por/ver desde:
  • Schechter, Laura Suzanne, 1982-

Oliver, Lauren. If I should fall, 2010: ECIP t.p. (Lauren Oliver)

Email to pub. 2/23/2009: (Lauren Oliver is pen name of Laura Suzanne Schechter, b. Nov. 8, 1982)

Liesl & Po, c2011 t.p. (Lauren Oliver)

Author's web-site, Jan. 20, 2011 (Lauren Oliver; author of Before I fall; Delirium; and Pandemonium; and for younger readers: Liesl and Po)

Wikipedia, Aug. 10, 2015 (Lauren Oliver (born Laura Suzanne Schechter, November 8, 1982) is an American author of YA novels, novels for adults, and novels for young readers. Lauren was born in Queens and raised in Westchester, New York. She simultaneously began working at Penguin Books, in a young adult division called Razorbill, and while there, she started work on Before I Fall. She left in 2009 to pursue writing full-time, and now happily works at home. Oliver lives in Brooklyn, New York.)

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